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Gregg Ward

Founder/ Energy Healer

Gregg Ward has studied Chi Kung and the Martial Arts since 1995. In his study of the Martial and Meditative Disciplines, he was led to the study of Healing Arts. He graduated in 1995 from Professional Massage Training Center located in Springfield, Missouri. Also, that year he apprenticed in the Hancock Method of Cranial Sacral Therapy. Gregg became a nationally certified therapist in 1996.

Other certifications Gregg has includes Health Intuitive, Reiki Master, Infinite Light Practitioner, Magnified Healing Facilitator and Matrix Integration Therapist. He also utilizes Chi Nei Tsang in his massage practice.

Imagine yourself in a thriving and satisfying life, doing what you love and helping others to transform personally and professionally.

M3 - Mentor Me Mary

Transformational business coach / Certified professional life coach

This is M3! this is the best imperfect version of me….. People will say I am a mom, a mentor, a friend, and a thriving businesswoman. However, I want you to know that I am a perfect stranger that will impact your life during my daily nature walk, daily community engagement, meeting you at the airport during my travel, waiting on the line….it doesn’t matter where I am.

I am like you right now, seeking to who am I? During my own life transformation, I was able to recognize my own birthright treasure instilled to me to be part of this life journey. I found my real happiness whether I am wearing my hat as a mom, friend, mentor, sister, aunt. Throughout my life I have found my true happiness. Being a compassionate, nurturer, adventurer, life long learner, generous, etc).

I found that with this natural gift that gives me the ultimate life pleasure…I live my life to the fullest even though I go through peaks and valley. We will all go through this ……it is part of the natural wonders of our universe. The key is to know how to control your own life happiness and fulfillment

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