Sanmitsu: Thought, Word & Deed

Everyone will say the martial art, whether the hard or soft style, improves your health, focus, and spirit. What is it that can take all these concepts and increase their effectiveness even outside the dojo? Sanmitsu.

This is the triple secret, blending of Thought, Word, & Deed that effects the physical reality. We learn to increase our body’s energy capacity by doing Martial Arts especially in the internal styles such as Chi Kung or Tai Chi.

We also increase our capacity for manifestation in the physical realm, either for the things we might want to create— or the things we might be creating unconsciously! Let us take a look how this is possible with the first of the three parts of the Sanmitsu.

THOUGHTS: Everything in the physical creation vibrates at a certain frequency on a molecular level. (learn more).

WORDS: Just like our thoughts, spoken words have a certain frequency vibration. (learn more).

DEEDS or PHYSICAL ACTION: Our physical actions are the most obvious and easy examples of the three to realize examples of change. (learn more).


Everything in the physical creation vibrates at a certain frequency on a molecular level. Atoms that comprise even solid objects vibrate even if it’s much slower than the air we breathe.

Human brain waves which can be measured by an EEG are classified as BETA 13-30hz which is 13to30 cycles per second, ALPHA 8-12hz THETA 4-7 Hz, Delta, 5-4hz and some scientist are saying that there is an another called GAMMA which goes to 40-60 Hz. and these waves I feel can travel as far as light! Have you ever been at a stop light and felt someone staring at you and you looked up and there was. You were feeling that person’s energy being transferred by their thoughts.

Sanmitsu: Thoughts

As a man thinketh,
so shall he be…

A saying I use with my students and clients is “where your awareness goes, your energy goes.” So what is it that you would like to create in your life, prosperity, better health, relationships? The first thing you have to be aware of is your thoughts and what you are putting out in the universe.

Do you have conflicting thoughts on what you would like to create? What are your goals that you would like to achieve? Do you find yourself having thoughts like: “I could never be prosperous” or “this is the way things have always been”? Which brings us back to the beginning, as you increase your Energy capacity you will increase the power of your thoughts for the positive or the negative.


Just like our thoughts, spoken words have a certain frequency vibration. Human speech is between 90hz for a low male voice to up to 300hz for a high pitched child’s voice.

We do actually speak our world into existence or we can condemn ourselves from our own mouths. So in the course of a day what is it that you speak about the most? Are your words in sync with what you would like to manifest? For example, have you talked to someone that has a lot of physical ailments and that is all they talk about?!

Sanmitsu: Words

You will condemn
yourself from
your own mouth

Would it not be a better choice to focus their speech on their health in a positive way? So in the second part of the Sanmitsu, we are focusing on our speech and asking if it is in line with our thoughts. If not, how do we expect the changes in our life to be what we desire?

For example, do you tell others phrases such as “I am always late, I always get allergies this time of year”, or “I am always living from paycheck to paycheck”? This type of speech actually reinforces the very things we would like to change our lives.

Deeds and/or Actions

Our physical actions are the most obvious and easy examples of the three to realize examples of change. How they can be observed for their effects on the environment and our surroundings. In the tradition of several martial and esoteric styles, certain hand mudras were used for the final part of the Sanmitsu. The different hand mudras actually change the magnetic field of the body.

By connecting different fingers together you are aligning meridians on the body in different configurations. This effect is similar to changing the windings on a electric motor. In doing so you are changing the field of your body to correspond to the thoughts and words that go with the mudra. We can take this outside the dojo by looking at what we are doing physically to create the things in life we want. For example: you can never be a martial arts master if you never spend time working out even if you think you are a master or tell everyone that you are.

Deeds or Actions

What we do
to others will
come back to us

Without the workout, it will not come to pass. You can not be a big executive if you do not put in the time and do your research on your competition. So what are the deeds that you are doing and are they in line with your thoughts, words and what you would like to manifest? When we examine each of the three elements of the Sanmitsu we are given keys to achieving success in any endeavor. As you can see each step involves frequency, and with the increase of our own frequency by doing energy exercises it will increase each aspect of the Sanmitsu.

If our thoughts are in opposition to our words or action then the strength of our creation is reduced, much like a mathematical formula. If on the other hand, we can blend all three aspects and have them compliment each other, they begin moving in the same direction to build momentum, increasing the total frequency output of the entire spectrum of thought, sound, and physical vibration. This brings our thoughts, words, and actions into unison, instead of opposition.

This also involves looking at our family history for the tendencies of each parent that is part of our emotional, physical, and spiritual makeup. This is part of the original CHI that is talked about in Chinese medicine. When looking at each aspect of our family makeup, ask yourself, what beliefs or patterns do not fit into what you would like to manifest?

Times do change and so do ways of dealing with that change. For example, does your family history have certain tendencies to a particular physical ailment? Explore and pay attention to what belief system or thought process is the common denominator that could be contributing to that disorder. This vibratory information is stored in our DNA and body tissue as cellular memory. According to the law of conservation of energy, which states “Energy does not simply appear and disappear.

Energy is transferred from one position to another or transformed from one type of energy to another.” These tendencies can be transmuted into a different state. Just like water can be turned into ice or steam. The first step in transformation is awareness, remember “where your awareness goes your energy goes”.

As you apply these principles in your daily life you begin to see how things change in positive ways. It will be a continuous process that will build momentum and provide you with confidence. By making changes in your unseen world you will see how it will affect your physical world.

Sanmitsu in Action

Here are some examples to test these concepts for yourself to help make it more understandable. First, to show how much the power of thought can affect the physical reality, you will need a partner to demonstrate.

Have one person be the receiver and the other to be the sender. Have the receiver hold out their extended arm out to their side. Muscle test them by pushing down on their arm and have them resist, the arm should test strong. Next, with the receiver’s arm still extended, the sender takes his hand and moves it from the receiver’s hand to his shoulder. This can be done a few inches above the arm, in the energy field.

Now have the receiver try to resist your pressure on the hand again. They will be surprised at how much farther you can push their arm down. Now the sender takes his/her hand and goes from the receiver’s shoulder to their hand and tests again, the receiver’s arm should be strong again. This demonstrates how much physical action has an effect on the energy field. To demonstrate the power of thought and its effects on the energy field, you will do the same procedure. Only this time, after the receiver tests strong, the sender will walk away from the receiver to the other side of the room.

The sender will now take his/her awareness by using the eyes to direct the chi “where your awareness goes your energy goes” and look at the receivers chin and take his/her awareness down along the front of the body to the groin area. This follows the route of the conception meridian. Then take your awareness out to the side and back up to the chin. I usually repeat the procedure a few times. Now the sender walks back over to the receiver and has them raise their arm and muscle tests again. Once more the receiver will have a hard time keeping his/her arm up. Then the sender walks back to the room and reverses the procedure. So this time, the sender takes his/her awareness from the pubic bone up to the chin. The receiver should now muscle test strong.

In doing this demonstration, NEVER leave a person’s energy field unzipped. It could cause them to have health issues since his/her energy field will not be as strong. The scientific explanation for this demonstration is as follows: the human body has a magnetic field around it with lines of flux that run in a certain way. If you disrupt these lines of force you weaken the field. In the first example you used your hand to disrupt these magnetic lines of force, In the second example, you used your thought energy directed by your eyes to disrupt the lines of force.

Another experiment to see how thee three vibrations effect reality (thought, word, deed ), take a large bowl of water and let the water become still. Take your finger and lightly tap the surface of the water. You will see the ripples flow out in concentric circles at a certain frequency until it comes to the edge of the bowl. Now observe how the ripples, as they come back to center, are at a slower and with a higher amplitude.

The vibrations we think, speak or feel go out from us into the universe then they come back to us in a slower vibration, which is the physical reality. The physicist is realizing that just the observation of an experiment can change the result, depending on what you’re looking for in the experiment.