Tips to Stay Healthy

What Your Body Really Needs

Food – You can only live 60 days without food. Recently you hear of “organic” this and “pesticide free” that. Vitamins have become a multi-billion dollar industry. Because science has proven proper nutrition is an essential for better health. Food seems important till you think of…

Water – You can only live 7 days without water. If someone 15-years ago tried to sell you bottled water for $2.00, you would tell them they were crazy. Today, bottled water is a multi-billion dollar industry. Because science has proven a clean water source is essential for life. Water seems important until you think of;

Air – You can only live 5 minutes without air. Science understands when your body has less oxygen/air, you get hypoxia. Hypoxia can cause all sorts of diseases and health problems. Science has proven exercise increases blood flow and oxygen to your cells, tissues, and organs make you healthier. This is why the exercise industry, exercise equipment, gyms, aerobic classes have become a multibillion-dollar industry. Air seems important until you think of;

Nerve ImpulsesYou can’t live a second without these! Science understands your brain sends thousands of electric nerve impulses down your spine through 31 pairs of nerves to control all of your cells, tissues, muscles, and organs. Your nervous system and nerve flow are your most important essential. Science has proven that chiropractors are the experts in helping you create more nerve flow throughout your life, therefore, making you healthier.

Chiropractic is the fastest growing and 2nd largest health profession in the world. When you and your family experience increased nerve flow, the pain goes away and you feel great, but that’s just the start. You have increased energy/power. You get sick less. You perform better at work. You can exercise now and, when you want, you can enjoy your hobbies more. You feel great. Your relationships improve, you prevent disease and surgeries. You prevent arthritis, future health problems, and pain just to name a few benefits.

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